How to care for your 2 pack cupboards and surfaces

A simple spray and wipe will clean away smudges, fingerprints and most marks. 2 pack paint is very hard and durable, though hard knocks, especially on corners or edges can cause slight chipping or cracks. We provide the service of fixing minor cracks and touch-ups where necessary, making the kitchen look new again. If you have a colour of 2 pack that is difficult to match with the naked eye, a sample can often be taken to the paint shop to be expertly colour matched by our team.

The type of spray should not be abrasive. Most mild surface cleaners will do the job—preferably without vinegar. Soap-based cleaners are fine, and should be used with a damp, soft cloth. Do not use a brillo pad or steel wool on 2 pack surfaces, as that will cause scratching and damage.

If food or sauce dries on 2 pack surface, it needs to be removed carefully so as to not damage the paint. Try soaking the mess with a damp cloth or paper towel to soften it and wipe away gently.