What is 2 pack?

2 Pack is the shorthand term used to describe the two-part process in making the sleek, smooth and modern appearance in cabinetry today. It uses acrylic paint mixed with a hardening agent, resin. Because it is in this form makes it possible to spray uniformly over prepared surfaces to renew and refresh for a new look. These materials are also incredibly fast drying, so the turnaround is very quick.

The advantages to using 2 pack (or 2 pac) as a way to refresh your kitchen or bathrooms don’t just sit with the amount of time for drying. The cost is also considerably less than commissioning a whole new suite of cabinets to be made. Where you have an existing efficient layout, often the only thing you need to update a kitchen is a fresh coat of paint. Where there are grooves in doors, they can be filled in, sanded and coated with 2 pack.